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Trainz Route: Balezino Mosti
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A 57km route between Balezino and Mosti, Russia. Beautifully detailed landscapes and an electrified railway connect these two cities.

There are many passenger stations on the outskirts and central stations of this amazing route. There is also a non-electrified railway branchline where diesel locomotives operate for 17km through the route.

This package includes the route (upgraded from Trainz 12) plus 4 sessions and an enormous range of engines and consists from the region. Many of the locos are scripted including startup procedures (including English instructions to operate).

Locomotives included:

  • M62-1628
  • RZD VL60k - 1222
  • RZD VL80c-992/975 a
  • RZD VL80c-992/975 b
  • RZD VL80c-992/975 c
  • DR1A-821 g
  • ER9-697 g
  • CHS4-072
  • CHS4t-543
  • ER9-697 m
  • ER9P-223 g
  • ER9P-223 p
  • ER9P-223-m
  • CHS8-001 b
  • CHS8-001 a
  • CHS4-069
  • CHME3-3172
  • CHS4-072m
  • CHS4-042
  • CHS4t-351
  • CHS4-189
  • CHS8-013 A
  • CHS8-023 A
  • CHS8-009 A
  • CHS8-013 B
  • CHS8-023 B
  • CHS8-009 B
  • CHS8-076 a
  • CHS8-076 b
  • DM62-1804
  • M62-1675
  • CHS4t-519
  • CHS4-153
  • CHS8-036 A
  • CHS8-036 B
Product Information
Developer: Olegkhim
Publisher: Olegkhim
Release Date: 14th October 2016