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ATSF GP38-2 Santa FE (2 Pack)
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Custom cab interior The interior shows amazing accuracy of details. The proper lighting and shadows are rendered into the textures. Nearly all controls, gauges and indicators are functional. All functions of the loco are controlled with the cabin controls or keyboard strokes.

Tutorial session Learn how to operate the loco using some of the enhanced functions within a session. How to start the engine, operate the vigilance alerter, refuel the loco. Learn about the conductors speed supervision and how to cancel a penalty brake. This session is located under Kickstarter County

The digital model of the loco impresses not only with outstanding visual appearance. The true highlights of the engine are the enhanced scripted functions. The authors are attempting to replicate the experience of an engineer controlling a loco and to simulate the physical behavior of an engine in amazing detail.

Watch the GP38-2 video ( ) to get demonstrated the possibilities of the loco. For detailed information download the Locomotive Operating Manual available at .

Locomotive features

  • Diesel fuel and sand consumption
  • Weather conditioned driving physics
  • Wiper management
  • Animated fans
  • True to life realistic cab
  • Full in-cab controls
  • Engine start/stop
  • Working vigilance alerter
  • Conductor/Speed supervision
  • Enhanced sanding functions
  • Auto running numbers
  • Squealing brakes
  • Head-of-Train Device (Wilma)
  • Animated sun visors
  • Cab animation
  • Loco night effects

Pack of two diesel-electric locomotives GP38-2 in ATSF livery.
Clean and worn versions. A tutorial session included under Kickstarter County.

Product Information
Developer: HP-Trainz
Publisher: HP-Trainz
Release Date: 20th October 2016