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RailDriver Desktop Train Cab Controller
Boxed Product



The RailDriver desktop cab controller replaces your keyboard and gives you levers, switches and dials for more realistic control. Drive your train simulation game or your model train with realistic throttle, brake, reverser, and switch controls, plus 34 programmable buttons.

Custom Controls: RailDriver Cab Maker lets you edit the functions of all levers, switches, and keys on the controller to create a custom operating panel for your favorite cab. 

The keyboard emulation application (under development) turns the output into keystrokes to support other games. RailDriver Analog and DCC Control Modules (under development) adapt the controller for driving scale model trains.

The Controls:

1. Button control panel: containing buttons for; pantograph, sander, e-brake, gear shift, alerter, bell.
2. LED speedometer, (3 digits).
3. Horn/whistle lever (operates forward or back).
4. Reverser (center detent, variable forward and reverse).
5. Combined throttle and dynamic brake (with "gate" center).
6. Automatic brake, (detent before e-brake).
7. Independent brake (w/right motion for bail-off).
8. Rotary switches (2) (3 position, head lights and wipers) .
9. Game control function keys (28).
10. Zoom rocker button.
11. Pan 4 way pad.


- Control Unit Dimensions & Weight
- 13.5" x 7" x 4".
- (34cm x 18cm x 10cm).
- 5.5 Lbs (2.5 kg).
- Connection to a PC via a six foot-long USB cable permanently attached to the box.


This item ships with a 240V - 60Hz power supply suitable for use in Australia and New Zealand. A separate adaptor (not included) will be required in other countries.

Product Information
Developer: P.I. Engineering
Publisher: N3V Games
Release Date: 8th March 2014